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Re: [IP] Broken Pump

> IDEA:   you could use the insertion set connector as an injection port for
> temporary use until you get the new pump. Inject meal bolus, plus the
> calculated basal rate until the next meal.  At bedtime and 4 -5 hours later,
> use the connector port to replace missing basal/ high BG boluses. Amount and
> frequency would depend on whether using Humalog versus Velosulin Regular.  

If you decide to use the cannula as an injection port, it is simple 
minded if you only use one kind of insulin. If you use both Humalog 
for meals and Regular for basal, you must take into account the 
residual insulin (the last injected) remaining in the set.

0.8 units for Silohette/Tender/Comfort sets
1.5 units for SofSets

It is probably a better idea to either use only one insulin, or 
inject one of them in the skin and the other in the cannula, 
whichever results in the most potential 'sticks'.

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