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Re: [IP] Broken Pump

> So what is going to happen next?
> The levers will not push the plunger.  We are to go on shots.  Not we, Ryan!
> Anyway, I would not except it.  I got a handy dandy bobby pen out and fixed
> the pump.  No kidding.

They should have one to you tomorrow, remember to write down all the 
basal rates in the old pump (guess how I found out). Don't use any 
nph or long acting insulins. When this happened to Lily a couple of 
times (we won't say what she did to her pump heh... heh...) she shot 
some regular just before bed and again in the middle of the night, 4 
hours later, again at waking, etc... every 4 - 5 hours, usually 
coinciding with a meal. She did this for 3 days one time and 
basically maintained exactly the same routine she used while pumping 
without missing a beat. Anyway, when your replacement shows up, all 
you will have to do is plug in the new basal rates and voila, your 
back on the air.

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