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[IP] Broken Pump

Pumping in the life of Ryan

This morning when I got up to check Ryan he was 284 bloused a unit, his dad
checked him an hour later he was 218.  I took out the cartridge and put in a
new one with new tubing.  Started trying to prime and realized the pump was
not working!!!
I continued to bolus until the alarm went off that signals too much insulin.
Still no insulin had come out of the tip.  Called minimed, and after 30
minutes of going over every detail, she put her pump on the same bolus as I
did.  Mine was finished and hers was just on 2.5 we had each bloused 5.  Hey,
she believed me, I actually have sense and know what I was talking about.  I
will get a pump tomorrow.  In the mean time I drew up a unit and put it
directly into the cannula.  Worked like a charm.  20 Minutes later he was 132.
Thanks to this group, I knew what to do.  So what is going to happen next?
The levers will not push the plunger.  We are to go on shots.  Not we, Ryan!
Anyway, I would not except it.  I got a handy dandy bobby pen out and fixed
the pump.  No kidding.
I am not keeping this one, it will go back to them for repair.  Not to worry
we check to make sure it is working, his check was 79 just now.  Just wanted
to alert everyone, if your numbers start going high and you can't figure out
why it could be your pump.
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