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Re: [IP] Softset Q

    The sof serter seems to have entirely solved my messed up sof set needle problem -- haven't had a bad one in over a year.  Had many bad needles (the metal variety) in the years before the sof sets came out.  While you can reinsert them,  I more often find that the place I put them tobegin with is painful or irritating.  The metal ones can't stay in as long b/c they are more abrasive.  Reinserting them is a risk since a site that is
starting to "go bad" may have the beginnings of infection and you may carry those to the new site and end up with 2 bad spots instead of one.  On the other hand, as a teenager and during periods in my 20s when I had no medical insurance to cover supplies, I did do this for periods of time and it mostly worked with ocassional infection problems.  For me the metal ones cause so much discomfort that being able to reinsert it isn't worth it
but for others that may not be the case.  After 17 years on a pump, I have many sore and overused spots on my tummy and things that worked or were tolerable for the first 5-6 years are unthinkable now.  Sparing myself some of the needle irritation would have been helpful but that was before the sof sets (or the plastic needle coverings).

Best of luck!

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