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Re: [IP] god bless 'merica

> as I wrote to you personally...this is one of the joys of being an American.
> If we complain loud enough, bitch long enough and vote in numbers
> consequential enough...we CAN change things.  Democracy only works if you get
> behind it and push.

Hey Sara, I appreciate your point!   The only problem is that health insurance in
this country is great -- for those people who have and can get it!  The majority
of my Community College Students have no access to health insurance.  The majority
of part-time community college faculty have no health insurance and many have no
access.  (Part-timers tend to be 40-90% of any department at a community
college).  There are many many more people who are excluded -- most common figure
is 1/3 of Americans lack access to health insurance at all.  As Jenny pointed out
recently, most of us are uninsurable without the right kind of jobs or without
family members with the right kind of jobs.  So, you think anyone is going to
provide this great American democracy to the rest of the population?  I wonder
what we can do about it...


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