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Re: [IP] Re:TJ

> > Anyway he and his pump have been a big hit at camp and even the
> > endo they have there said she would start considering pumps for some of her
> > younger patients after seeing how well TJ is handling his!
> >         Thanks to all who lent their support in the beginning!
> > Debbie
> > 
> Way to go TJ and Debbie!!!  I firmly believe that our pump-kids can be
> such great role-models for their doctors.  Luckily, my daughter's endo
> had no problem putting such a young child on the pump...sadly, he is in
> the minority.  I spread the word to every doctor, nurse, health care
> professional, etc that I talk to.  Hopefully, TJ and other young pumpers
> like him can help pave the way for other 'pump-wannabies'.

Get both of these docs on the IP-Medpro list so the 'other' docs have 
someone to ask questions of.
email @ redacted
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