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[IP] Sara's playing with Rocket Fuel

My buddy John writes:

> welcome to the wonderful world of Humalog!  I didn't realise you hadn't yet
been hooked. 

nope - just got some from the doc last week - i have always had an excellent
reaction and response time to Velosulin.  

> Personally, I get a much more intense high if I inject, rather than smoke
it... er, I mean pump it.

I have noticed that as well.  I hd forgotten about that extra .8 that remains
in the cannula if I inject it into the pump.  I have definitely had to raise
my ratios - With Regular I get about 1:50-60, but with this stuff I am getting
better than 1:75.  
 I inject it, it is closer to 1:100.  i.e.  normally 2 units of Velosulin via
the pump lowers me 100 units.  Last night I was 282 (attributable to a
glorious dinner that I do not feel one iota of remorse for).  I injected 2
units of H via syringe, think
g that it would lower me about 150 to approx 130...Less than 1/2 an hour later
I was 75!!!!! whooops!

> If your high has been caused by the site going bad, then injecting directly
> the canula isn't going to be very effective. 

If I have 2 unexplainable highs in a row I change my site.  I worry if
injecting the H into the site will make the site go bad faster, since I am
currently getting close to a week per site (and can we TALK about extra

> I thought I was the only one unorthodox enough to draw insulin from a pen
cartridge with a syringe

not a chance!!!  I have stopped inserting air into the cartridge and in fat
sucked some extra out...and then I put some DUCT TAPE over the end of the vile
(ha ha - actually I put scotch tape over the end of the vial) and everything
has been fine.  and a kind sould on this list is actually sending me a novopen
(THANK YOU R.), so I may not even need the tape solution much longer!

> And remember: these experiments must only be conducted under the 
> supervision of an adult.

I thought I WAS an adult.  Doesn’t poking things into you on a daily basis and
having incessant reminders that I have a chronic illness and having to pay
astronomical insurance premiums for mediocre care qualify me as an adult? 

*-)=B xoxx
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