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[IP] god bless 'merica

John  Neale wrote:

>strictly between you and me... your insurance complaining bugs me.

as I wrote to you personally...this is one of the joys of being an American.
If we complain loud enough, bitch long enough and vote in numbers
consequential enough...we CAN change things.  Democracy only works if you get
behind it and push.  

> If you really want to see what an insurance monopoly looks like, come to
> Britain. There is one health insurer here: Her Majesty's Government. 

No thanks.  This is, if you look deep enough, one of the reasons our
forefathers got on the Mayflower in the first place (or was that taxation
without representation - I get those confused).  Maybe it is time for a
revolution in British health care system, John...heck, maybe it is time for a
WORLD WIDE revolution.

> Health service maintains that pumps are unnecessary luxuries, 
> and you can get just as good results from good old injections.

Julie Sears (formerly on this list) has been maintaining A1cs in the 4-6 range
for many years on the poor manís pump (regular and lente).  Health Service is
right in that respect.

> I have one other option: move to a new country. And that I will shortly do! 

Of course, you belong to the EC. Doesnít that allow you to move between
countries and obtain work, and thereby health care.  Here in America, we canít
just immigrate to whereever we want.  We have to have all kinds of permits and
licenses to even go VISIT anywhere, let alone move there.  Of course, the USA
will TAKE anyone that washes up on a boat;  we'll offer them free medical care
and government subsidised housing and food stamps because they sick and have 7
starving children and come from some poor third world nation.  

Just think how much advancement could have taken place in diabetes research if
we could have that money they are spending on this Clinton/Lewinsky thing!
Personally, I am more than a little sick of the whole thing.  Why does this
country have its priorities so misplaced!!!

ok - off  my box

}-P xoxx
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