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Re: [IP] Response to Support

>  Last night Marc set the alarm for 2 a.m. but never
> got up to check Ryan.  Yes, I did.  It is hard, I am taking one step at a
> time.
When you are not there, he will do it. Mimi and I used to try and 
share getting up at night to check Lily. It just kills her after a 
week or two, she's a wreck - she just can't deal with the 
constant interruptions to her sleep. I on the other hand, have been 
the 'sleepless' person for years so it is relatively easy for me. 
When I travel, Mimi gets up every night for a week or two as 
required, she's a wreck when I get back, but reliable. I'm sure 
you'll find Marc the same way. He does need a little practice though, 
heh.... heh... He should take the duty for 3 -4 days at a stretch 
just so he is used to it and is committed to the 'necessity' of doing 

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