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Re: [IP] mm glucose sensor

Hey Guys,

I just received my minimed 507 introduction video in the mail (I'm using
the 506, now) and I was wondering about this "implantable insulin pump"
that is being used overseas.  I wonder, does anyone know if it is used
along with this glucose sensor?  Is it for doctors only, or are they
passing this thing out on the street?


On Wed, 12 Aug 1998 12:17:50 -0400 email @ redacted writes:
>     I've been in touch with glucose sensor team at Minimed.  They are 
>     awaiting FDA approval BUT..
>     First version is for doctors office use!!  The original sensor is 
>     seperate device which will be readable on board and downloadable 
>     computer.
>     Eventually I think they'll put both products in one 'box' since 
>     electronics for the meter can't be huge and more than enough room 
>in a 
>     pump for extra input lines (my guess is they've already got a 
>     version and they're waiting for FDA on this toy before starting 
>     testing of the next one).
>     On Tue, 11 Aug 1998 email @ redacted (Michelle Rands) wrote
>     >Hello everybody....i was wondering if anyone had any updates on 
>     > the minimed glucose sensor would be available to us...and 
>     > said something about a future pump having a sensor 
>     > would be great so we don't have to have 2 "beeper boxes"
>     Yerachmiel Altman
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