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Hello, and welcome to our group!  Just like Lauren, I too, was diagnosed
at age 12.  I was also a cheerleader.  Granted, my cheering was just for
school teams, but at the time it was everything.  Your daughter is very
lucky, I hope she is taking full advantage of the pump.

Back when I was in seventh grade, I took between 6-8 shoots a day. 
Practicing was a major ordeal....I had to eat a seven course meal in
order to make it through.

Don't worry, the pump isn't a problem for active people, it just takes a
little getting used too.  BYE!


On Mon, 10 Aug 1998 23:32:49 -0500 DIANE MASSEY
<email @ redacted> writes:
>I am Diane and I am the mother of Lauren who is 12 years old.  Lauren
>was diagnosed with diabetes 18 months ago.  Two months ago we started
>using the minimed 507C.  We had a real rough beginning, but we are
>really happy with the pump now.  Lauren resisted at first, but now she
>is sold.  Our last hurdle is school which starts 8/13.   As a seventh
>grader, she is anxious about the peer thing.
>Lauren is a competitive cheerleader (which we really do take 
>is nothing like school cheerleading.  It is more like group fitness 
>gymnastics.  She tumbles, dances or conditions at the gym 5 X a week. 
>competes about 10 weekends a year.  Lauren has a 15 year old sister 
>also does competitive cheerleading.  We have two daughters in our
>It is all of Lauren's activity that made the pump a challenge... the
>infusion would keep coming out after things like bungee jumping or an
>of standing back tucks or getting tangled up with her dog.  But we are
>We live in the Houston area.  I am looking forward to a routine 
>that we can control the numbers better.  We are using the soft-set in
>hip with Lauren now.  Lauren can do it all if necessary, but I usually
>her.  We both have reservations about the comfort set i.e., insertion
>how she thinks it feels.  She feels so much better on the pump with 
>numbers.  I would like to try the short rapid-set in her abdomen as 
>it has a disconnect.
>Lauren is growing right now and control is difficult for that reason
>She also has some sporatice pancreas function too.  She is a
>"hyper-rebounder" i.e., she really doesn't go low, her liver just
>her up to about 330 which we then have to correct with insulin.   We 
>trying glucophage in an attemtpt to suppress her liver which it does,
>but it also has got its problems and challenges.
>Lauren loves the lifestyle change that the pump provides, and that 
>makes it all worth it.
>Diane Massey
>email @ redacted
>ph 281-980-4515
>fax 281-980-4085

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