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[IP] mm glucose sensor

     I've been in touch with glucose sensor team at Minimed.  They are 
     awaiting FDA approval BUT..
     First version is for doctors office use!!  The original sensor is a 
     seperate device which will be readable on board and downloadable to 
     Eventually I think they'll put both products in one 'box' since 
     electronics for the meter can't be huge and more than enough room in a 
     pump for extra input lines (my guess is they've already got a test 
     version and they're waiting for FDA on this toy before starting real 
     testing of the next one).
     On Tue, 11 Aug 1998 email @ redacted (Michelle Rands) wrote
     >Hello everybody....i was wondering if anyone had any updates on when 
     > the minimed glucose sensor would be available to us...and someone 
     > said something about a future pump having a sensor hookup...that 
     > would be great so we don't have to have 2 "beeper boxes"
     Yerachmiel Altman

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