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Worry, was: Re: [IP] Response to Support

Paula wrote:

> I am thankful for all the years of worrying my mother (and father)(and
> sister) (and now husband and four year old son) did and continue to do!!!

Thanks. I think I understand ;-) 

My mom "worrying" about me typically resulted in her "doing" something.
That included looking into my room at night, asking me some impossibly
tricky question to judge my response when she thought I was low, sharply
commanding me "Look at me!", or simply giving me a swift kick in the butt
when I didn't toe the line.

If my family did not "worry" about me during all these years, I'm sure
there would have been countless times when no one was taking care of me,
since I certainly wasn't always paying close attention to my own care.
Sometimes I was simply not capable of taking care of myself.

I'm also sure I was able to slack off a bit (deserved, or otherwise) in my
early years, because I realized my parents and my brother watched out for
me and worried for me. It's as if their worry relieved a bit of the
pressure from me. Someone else was paying attention to the details - I was
tired of it.

I watched my parents suffer during my mom's last days. I worried greatly,
but I "accepted" the fact that this would all play out in whatever way had
been intended. Worry didn't change any of this, Mom ran out of time and we
accepted this.

During my youth, I'm sure my mom knew that life would play out in some way
that none of us expected or intended, every time she sat up late at night
wondering and worrying about me. She realized certain things were beyond
her control, but this never stopped her from worrying. It never stopped her
from trying.

The "worry" of my family is a debt I can never repay.

Bob Burnett

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