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Bent needle sets. was: Re: [IP] Softset Q

David wrote:

>what do you all think -- you who have or continue to use the bent needle?  

I used bent needles for about 1.5 years in total, over 2.5 years of
pumping. I alternate to them on occasion, especially since I've got a
supply left.

I found them comfortable, though obviously, a bit less comfortable than the
soft Teflon like sets, if you lay or bounce on them. They do present
additional challenges during those "Intimidating Moments" (oops, sorry,
that's a typo - it's supposed to say "Intimate Moments").

I change them every 48 hours, as advised and never had an infection. There
were a number of times when I did "reinsert" , *very, very carefully*
(usually out of necessity, if I did not have a spare set with me). Years
ago, this practice was common with pumpers, before the advent of "soft"
infusion sets. Course, back then, I think infections were more common.
Could be a correlation there ;-) I never experienced any difficulty with
the underlying tissue from movement of the needle.

Some folks are sensitive or allergic to the metal used in the needles. I
don't know how common this is, simply mention it for your info. Different
vendors may use different metal in their needles, so there may be options
there, if necessary.


I'd say that bent needles are worth a try, if for no other reason than to
know you have alternatives. There's no rule that says you have to stay with
them. Try 'em, add them to your arsenal, go with what works best most of
the time ;-)

Bob Burnett

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