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Teflon canula Questioon was Re: [IP] Softset Q

David B. Martins wrote:
> I have been on the 507 pump for a couple months.  When I received all the introductory supplies from MiniMed, I received a bunch of Softsets, but none of the "Silhouetts" or whatever the "other" infusion set is (the bent needle one, right?)

No, the Silhoette (aka Tenders or Comforts) are like the SofSet in that it uses
a Teflon canula, but is a major rearrangement of the idea. The Teflon comes from
the side of a split circular base, is longer, and is inserted at a slant so you
can adjust it to fit your needs. It also doesn't push the canula in and out if
the set is pushed on, it just flexes and stays in place. The split base is held
directly on the skin with a reasonable sized tape solidly atached to it's back,
and disconnection is done there by squeezing the clips in and pulling it
backwards across the skin. There is NO overtaping needed, and they stay inplace
SO much better.

The bent needles are a rather different proposition. They can't be left in for
as long, but MAY be reinserted
in some circumstances. Unfortunately they may cause problems internally because
they are steel and movement
could work them around causing damage. I've never used any myself. only the
Teflon canulas, first the SofSets, then the Comforts as sson as I heard of them.
> Anyway, as I have fought the to-be-expected battles with not-sticky-enough tape, and after having more then one Softset get all crinkled and bent while I assumed all was well, I have come to wonder about other methods/sets.  (I have not talked with anyone who has used the bent needle set.)

Yes, the SofSets poor taping method is rather nonfunctional much of the time,
plus you need to buy separate tapes and pile all that up correctly each time,
THEN it sticks up so much that it gets caught on things, twists and either
crimps the canula or detaches. No thanks! I much prefer the Comforts I;'ve been
using for nearly 4 years.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42+ years, MM506 pump for 4.7 years, Purelin Comfort sets for 3.8
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/