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Re: [IP] Response to Support

Two years ago that would put Ryan at 8, him and his sister happened to be
sleeping together.  I don't know for what reason, but I thank God.  He had a
severe low and she was half asleep but managed to get out of the bed.  By the
time he got to our room he was dragging his right leg and his left arm was
drawn up.  What a nightmare, after an hour he regained his use of his right
side.  I had Marc get up with me and stay with us.  I rubbed Karo syrup on the
inside of his cheek, immediately.  He came around wuithin minutes but seemed
to me forever.  This is just one of many episodes Ryan and I have been
through.  I remember when he was four he lost feeling in his legs, we were
staying at my parents.  This was right after he was diagnosed, my father kept
me calm.  So as everyone can see, there is a reason I am very cautious.  I am
trying to take steps to give Ryan and his Dad more responsibility,  Mainly his
dad.  Last night his dad had Ryan bolus too much.  Although Ryan does know
more then his father, when it comes down to it, a child will listen to a
parent.  Anyway I stay in the background, but not to worry Michael, I am alert
as to what is going on.  Last night Marc set the alarm for 2 a.m. but never
got up to check Ryan.  Yes, I did.  It is hard, I am taking one step at a

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