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[IP] Re:TJ

Just a short update on how TJ is doing with the pump after his rough
start-up....(remember the Humalog in the pump and Ultralente shots at
Anyway things have evened out and his numbers are better than they ever
have been.
        We spent a month in Florida in July visiting Disney and relatives
and it was such pleasure not to be tied to a schedule of eating! Right now
he is at the Joslin camp and his counselor informed me that he inserted his
own infusion set for the first time! Without the EMLA too! Not too bad for
an 8 year old who used to get pretty scared at site changes!
        Anyway he and his pump have been a big hit at camp and even the
endo they have there said she would start considering pumps for some of her
younger patients after seeing how well TJ is handling his!
        Thanks to all who lent their support in the beginning!

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