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Re: [IP] Monitor Help?

Hi Bob,

I have been using the Complete for about 1-1/2 months.  In that time, I
have only had 2 "bad strips" and in each case I took the strip out of
the meter and turned the meter off and re-inserted the strip.  Both
times the strip worked OK the second time around.

I will agree about it using a lot of batteries -- but for all the
information I can store in it, I figure that $2 or $3 a month for new
batteries isn't too bad.

I, too, have used the Profile -- but I much prefer the Complete.

As they sea YMMV.

Bob Burnett wrote:


> I packed my "InComplete" away (for ever?). Lots of bells and whistles, but
> requires a lot of button pushing to record the useful info. It sucks
> batteries like crazy. If you don't use the back light on the screen
> (without it, the screen is barely visible), don't use the "message of the
> day" feature, don't record a lot of event information for each test (that
> extra info is a strong selling point), the batteries last longer. My car
> would also get better gas mileage if I didn't run the engine <vbg>.
> I also had more "bad strip" errors with the Complete than with any other
> previous meter, averaging almost one to two per vial of 50 strips (by
> comparison, I've had less than 5 in two years with my Profiles). I've never
> been too comfortable with how the AccuCheck meters reported results at the
> low and high end of the scale - below 60 and above 220. Initially, I liked
> the Complete meter, but as soon as the "new car smell" wore off, my opinion
> changed.



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