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Re: [IP] Response to Support

> I going or am trying to be a good mom and let Ryan become more independent.
> It sure is good to hear postive from a child concerning the mom.  You make a
> mother feel good to be a mother

I have read this thread with interest. My 15 year old can pretty much 
take care of herself for almost everything and I have strived hard to 
make sure she has the knowledge and tools to figure out basals, 
bolus's, ratio's, etc.... However, if you read the mail from others 
who have been 'discovered' by family members crashed, passed out, 
behaving strangely, wandering, etc... a parent can not be complacent 
in the face of apparent success in a childs management of there 
diabetes. I have found my daughter in seizure and it scared the crap 
out of me. Others have had the same experience as either the findeee 
or findor, as it were. It is of paramount importance that each parent 
realize that these problems can and will occur and be prepared with 
the glucogen, glucose gel, tablets, whatever it takes to pull through 
without freaking out. It is much better to be prepared and 
knowledgeble than to call 911 and have the paramedics and emergency 
room personel take hours to figure out a problem that can be solved 
in 10 - 20 minutes by prepared parents. I am not trying to lecture, 
I'm just trying to calmly relate my own terror at having been 
throught this and wondering when (if) my child would wake up. I've 
never heard of anyone dying or being permanently harmed by a crash, 
but it still is very unnerving to see a loved one twitching, etc.... 
and not be able to bring them around for what seems an interminable 
amount of time.

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