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[IP] Softset Q

Hi All,

I have been on the 507 pump for a couple months.  When I received all the introductory supplies from MiniMed, I received a bunch of Softsets, but none of the "Silhouetts" or whatever the "other" infusion set is (the bent needle one, right?) 

Anyway, as I have fought the to-be-expected battles with not-sticky-enough tape, and after having more then one Softset get all crinkled and bent while I assumed all was well, I have come to wonder about other methods/sets.  (I have not talked with anyone who has used the bent needle set.)

what do you all think -- you who have or continue to use the bent needle?  

Part of my question comes from the possibly misplaced assumption that with the bent needle I will be able to re-insert that infusion set if it were to come un-stuck.  (A nice possibility in summer.)  Obviously with the softset such option is not even possible.  When I talked with a CDE she advised me not to do such a thing as re-insert an infusion set--twas said about syringes too, but I (and many others) re-used needles all the time.

Another part was not having to worry about "crinkling."

So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of the different sets?



The (an)other part of the question  
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