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Re: [IP] Need your support, Husband taking over care of Ryan

At 07:00 PM 08/11/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>Thanks, Judy
>I had wonderful news today, the dr office called and the tumor is benign.
>now the hysterectomy seems like a piece of cake.  Ryan and his dad are
>fine.  It is such a treat for a 10 year old to tell his dad how to do
>something.  Tonight Marc read theOriental Rice box to figure out how many
>carbs Ryan would be eating.  After all  is said and done, Ryan runs back
>his Dad's office and says "Dad now you know it is 20 carbs for 1/2 cup of
>right? Did I get a 1/2 or whole cup?"  Then they had a big debate over
>much to bolus because Ryan only wanted a 1/2 cup of milk.  Marc's solution
>for him to drink 1 cup so it would easier to figure the carb count.  I
>sat back and watched, it was great.  Ryan won out, he drank 1/2 cup.

Isn't wonderful what people can do when they have to? Just think what a
burden that has been taken off your shoulders. Hopefully this shared
responsibility will continue after surgery. And, Ryan will be gradually
taking on more himself as he gets older. 

I hope your surgery goes well and you can concentrate on just getting


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