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Re: [IP] Vile & Bare

At 04:33 AM 08/11/1998  Paula Berketo wrote:
>Ted Quick wrote to John Neale:
>> > As for haemoglobin and hypoglycaemia... I give up.
>> Those ARE British spelling, not spelled the way we do in the USA.
>I believe like so many other words (colour, neighbour, etc.) that John's
>spelling is correct - not the long ago altered words of my good
>to the south.

Altered for the better, of course. <vbg> I suppose we could also complain
about how the current British spelling was altered from classic
Shakespearean English which was again altered from the even more classical
Chaucerian English. It only goes to show that everything changes. 

I love some of the spellings and expressions from our friends across the
Atlantic... how about gaol for a word (hint its a place where bad people
go). Have you ever opened the bonnet or closed the boot of your car? Have
you pushed a perambulator or ridden in a lorry? The older TV's and radios
had valves in them and electric appliances are connected to mains. Every
household even has a torch. 

As you can tell, I think language is fascinating. 


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