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Re: [IP] Need your support, Husband taking over care of Ryan

Thanks, Judy
I had wonderful news today, the dr office called and the tumor is benign.  So
now the hysterectomy seems like a piece of cake.  Ryan and his dad are dong
fine.  It is such a treat for a 10 year old to tell his dad how to do
something.  Tonight Marc read theOriental Rice box to figure out how many
carbs Ryan would be eating.  After all  is said and done, Ryan runs back to
his Dad's office and says "Dad now you know it is 20 carbs for 1/2 cup of rice
right? Did I get a 1/2 or whole cup?"  Then they had a big debate over how
much to bolus because Ryan only wanted a 1/2 cup of milk.  Marc's solution was
for him to drink 1 cup so it would easier to figure the carb count.  I just
sat back and watched, it was great.  Ryan won out, he drank 1/2 cup.
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