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[IP] Vegan diet


Thanks for your comments,

I have done extensive travel eating this way, and it's entirely possible to do.
There's no McTofu, but Burger King makes a really good 'veggie' burger.
Just request NO meat, and NO cheese, lots of tomatoes, pickles, onions, and
(No mayo, as well,)  The key to it is very low fat, not just no animal
products.  I feel
so much better eating this way, I wouldn't dream of ever going back to the
diabetic diet.

Of course, I prefer no fast food restaurants.  I have also order multiple baked
potatoes at
nicer restaurants.  (Again, I don't ruin it with fatty toppings.)  It takes
some adjusting, but
it's well worth it.

Jenny, you asked about my blood tests coming back abnormal.  This just hasn't
to me.  My understanding is that dairy products can cause anemia, so that may
be why I
haven't had any problems.  My doctor is verrrrry pleased every time he gets any
blood work
back.  He just says keep doing what you're doing, it works great!!

I never worry about getting enough protein.  There is plenty of protein in
brown rice (10.2%),
corn (10.9%), etc.  Even carrots provide 9.7% of their calories from protein.
I just try to eat
a good variety of grains, beans, veggies, and fruits.  Tofu is an occasional
treat, but not

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