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Re: [IP] Any other vegan pumpers?

On 11 Aug 98 at 2:16, Linda Weed wrote:

> Around 6 years ago I changed my diet to exclude all animal products and added
> fats.  Within one week, I had to lower my basal rate to half what it had
> been!!  It has stayed low ever since.  I am a firm believer in this kind of diet for everyone,
> but especially diabetics (both type 1s and 2s).
> I'm just curious if anyone else has tried this regime.  If not, I'd certainly
> encourage giving it a try.  I grew up on lots of dairy and meat products, but I must say
> I feel  much better since I gave them up.  What's even stranger is I honestly don't miss
> them.  Diabetes comes with so many risks for other health problems,  so it
> makes sense to me to treat my body with the healthiest diet possible.  (I got started
> on this after reading one of John McDougall's excellent books.)

This sounds like a variation on one of the "high carbohydrate" diets 
that was in fashion during the 80's.   Some advocates were claiming 
that by eating little more than beans, carrots, tofu and lettuce they 
were eliminating insulin entirely... almost like some of the early 
"starvation diets" that helped people stay alive a little longer 
before insulin.   

I looked at that diet at the time, and discovered that if you had a 
full-time cook you might be able to get away with it but I didn't 
have the resources and besides, lifestyle and cultural issues made it 
difficult for me to look forward to beans & tofu for breakfast, 
curried rice & tofu for supper, and spicy carrots, lettuce and beans 
for supper for the rest of my life...

I travel some with my job and that kind of diet seems impossible to 
keep while on the road.  I haven't seen a McTofu yet...    this is 
definitely one of those areas where YMWV, and it does bear 
investigation and adoption of some of the good parts.  One of the fad 
diets going around the plant this month is some doctor's "high fat" 
diet.  It's based on the theory that to loose weight you have to get 
your body to burn fat so if you eliminate carbohydrates your 
metabolism has to shift to fat.  The biggest danger is ketoacidosis 
and the people on this diet are using the old KetoSticks to check for 
ketones...  I didn't think that people without diabetes could develop 
acidosis but apparently they can...

Randall P. Winchester

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