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Re: [IP] health insurance


    That's a tough one!  I've been there!  There is no national insurance --
national health plans like Aetna, US Healthcare and Kaiser (etc) have
completely different policies in each state and will cover you only through
your home state so that the policy will change when you move.  If Aetna
covers pumps in California, it won't necessarily cover them in Washington or
New Jersey.  In addition, most policies only allow you to see certain
providers and an insurance co in one state won't cover doctors and services
out of area or will charge you quite a lot for them.

    If you are still enrolled in Graduate School and are less than 24, one
option is to copy your enrollment and see if you can be covered by your
parents' insurance.  I know this can be uncomfortable but logistically it's
the most coverage and the best coverage for the lowest output.  You should be
able to pick up a Cobra from a parent policy when you turn 25, which will
give you 18 months to find a job with insurance (or, and I hate to have to
say this, a husband with insurance).

    If the coverage you do have will cover insulin, test strips and other
supplies, you can also try covering pump stuff out of pocket.  I know that as
a grad student pinching pennies or a young married couple this is terribly
difficult but some people do pull it off and if you comfortable aand willing
to ask you may find people willing to help -- doctors, family members etc.

    The real truth is that you and I and most of us are basically uninsurable
and that there has little been little or no change in this situation for 5-6
years.   Either you or your husband from here on out will need to work for a
large enough company that you will receive reasonably good insurance.
Smaller companies often do have insurance but they will cover less so whether
or not this is a problem will depend on your incomes and your ability to
assure yourselves stable incomes over time.  They also have waiting periods
which can cause the obvious problems.  Once you've had a policy things do get
better.  First of all, you are entitled to a Cobra for 18 months after and
Kaiser makes individual insurance available to you (you pay for it).  They
will not accept you before you have had a Kaiser policy though.

I'm sorry you are having such a tough time -- it really is awful!  I keep
hoping that parents with teenagers putting them on the pump are also figuring
out ways to provide their kids with insurance through college, grad school,
career prep.  That's an awful lot to have to provide though. It doesn't look
like the situation is going to change yet.

email @ redacted wrote:

> Ruth,
> Yes, I have insurance at work.  I work for a group of hospitals that have
> formed an "Alliance of Services".  These 6 hospitals are self-insured.
> Get your pills at the pharmacy, see your local doctor everyday at work.
> The problem--No one within this Alliance deals with the pump.  They don't
> support it at the hospitals so why pay for me to go somewhere else for
> treatment?  The idea is that they provide good health care to patients
> everyday...I'm just being too picky.
> I'm a senior in college now, I'm engaged to be married, and I'm planning
> on moving out of state to attend graduate school.  I wanted to get
> insurance through a national insurance provider, so that my marriage/move
> won't be so traumatic.  Apparently, however, I am uninsurable.
> Jenny
> n Thu, 06 Aug 1998 10:02:26 -0700 Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
> writes:
> >I'm afraid I'm confused.  Do you have insurance through these
> >hospitals?
> >
> >email @ redacted wrote:
> >
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