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Re: [IP] Any other vegan pumpers?


Hello, I'm relatively new to this web site but I read your note about
veggie-pumpers, and I had to speak up!  I gave up red meat, eggs and
peanuts over 5 years ago.  I've been Type I for 8 years and on the pump
for 3.  My question to you is--"Do you ever have bloodwork done that
comes back abnormal?"  About 2 years ago, all my bloodwork stated that I
was anemic.  What substitutions do you make to get all the needed


On Tue, 11 Aug 1998 02:16:23 -0400 Linda Weed <email @ redacted> writes:
> Hello,
>I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts on this list.  This is my 
>first list
>since my short bio.  I have been a type 1 diabetic for 34+ years.  I 
>fortunate to
>still have no complications, for which I am very thankful.  I have 
>been pumping
>around ten years, and I love being on a pump!!
>Around 6 years ago I changed my diet to exclude all animal products 
>and added
>fats.  Within one week, I had to lower my basal rate to half what it 
>been!!  It has
>stayed low ever since.  I am a firm believer in this kind of diet for 
>especially diabetics (both type 1s and 2s).
>I'm just curious if anyone else has tried this regime.  If not, I'd 
>giving it a try.  I grew up on lots of dairy and meat products, but I 
>must say
>I feel
>much better since I gave them up.  What's even stranger is I honestly 
>don't miss
>them.  Diabetes comes with so many risks for other health problems,  
>so it
>sense to me to treat my body with the healthiest diet possible.  (I 
>got started
>this after reading one of John McDougall's excellent books.)
>Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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