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Re: [IP] Response to Support

I agree!  It is difficult to set aside all the worrying, from all these
years.  I'm 20 years old and I was just released from the hospital. 
Yesterday morning, my bloodsugar dropped and I pasted out in the
bathroom.  My mom just happened to stop by the house to pick up some
items for her yardsale.

She found me, and shot straight to action.  I'm so thankful she happened
by....in a way it's good to know that my mom still worries about me!

Just a thought...


On Mon, 10 Aug 1998 10:53:27 EDT email @ redacted writes:
>    On that same "thread", I sat next to Melissa's CDE's mother at a 
>awards ceremony.  Half-way through the presentation, she muttered,"oh, 
>I hope
>he remembered to eat dinner." I looked at her & said "but he's on a 
>Guess it's hard to "undo" years of worrying!!!
>Regards, Renee
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