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Re: [IP] Re: Humalog vs Regular

Michael, John:

Since I was the one who originally posted the link to the article, let me
chime in here.

Perhaps a more careful reading of John Walsh's article is in order.

The author mentions problems reported by users who inject Humalog as well
as problems reported by pumpers. The article is *not* restricted to pumpers
in any sense. He clearly states in the section titled "Does it Matter?"
that inspection of the bad bottles reveals small, hard to see particles or
haze. He makes no specific mention here of pumps, pumping or infusion
sites. He's referring to particulate in the insulin vial itself. Michael,
if all that's necessary when BGs go high is to change the infusion site,
how does someone on MDI accomplish this <vbg>

In the following paragraph, Walsh does state "Use of Humalog in insulin
pumps appears to be a serious concern due to the frequency with which
control problems are being reported, especially in hot weather." Note here
that he prefaces this statement with his own observation that research done
with pumps has not reported any problems (that statement should be viewed
in a general context, as it appears to have been written so).

The remaining paragraphs are "common sense" types of things. Make sure your
insulin stays cool, etc. This is written as a recap of advice from Eli
Lilly. No where in the article does he mention "Humalog going off through
being shaken around in the heat" as John Neale thought he observed.

Cut the guy some slack. John Walsh was one of the first advocates of
Humalog use in pumps, wrote the first "advice" on adjusting it's use for
pumps, and was also one of the first to experiment and document the mixing
of Humalog and Velosulin. You quote him all the time when his advice
supports your views, so give him a break when he states something
different, please.

My guess is that Walsh has seen and  actually "touched" more pumpers than
many of us on the list have. Sometimes that close observation notes things
which we might miss. Personally, I think I know what works and doesn't work
for me, but I can't insist that these observations have the same broad
application to all the other pumpers out there. My experiments are
conducted in a very small lab, by a researcher who struggles to eliminate
most of the bias from his lab observations (that's me, in case you missed
the inference ;-)).

I think Walsh is on our side, and intelligent enough to question what he
doesn't think is right. He seems to recognize the potential of Humalog, but
also recognizes the fact that one constant about Humalog is it's
inconsistency <vbg>.


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John Neale wrote:

>> As someone posted last week, at http://www.diabetesnet.com/news.html,
>> John Walsh (pump guru) has written an interestsing article about pumping
>> Humalog and mixing Humalog and Velosulin. He is maintains that the
>> benefit is purely derived from this mixture stopping Humalog going off
>> through being shaken around in the heat. This contradicts your views,
>> and those of a few others here, that the benefit is from the increased
>> stability of the infusion site itself. You must talk...

Michael responded:

>Walsh's views fly in the face of fact. And the medical information 
>from Eli Lilly Co. When bg's go high on Humalog, all that is 
>necessary is to change the infusion site. This one positive step has 
>corrected the problem 'every' time for my daughter. If the Humalog 
>were, in fact damaged by the 'heat', changing the infusion site would 
>have no affect whatsoever because the insulin would still be 'no 
>good'. Sorry John W., Ain't Necessarily So......
>> I would encourage others to read this article about checking your
>> Humalog for tiny floating particles.
>> I wonder where he'll post the article when it ceases to be "news" on his
>> site?
>> John
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