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Re: [IP] Need your support, Husband taking over care of Ryan

For now, we're here to answer any questions, my prayers are with you, Ryan and
family during this time, you may wish to give your husband some telephone
numbers of members who have kids on pumps.

As for the future, here's a suggest, If your hubby is anything like mine, he
has no time to read a whole book or check out this list (even if he manages to
read all of Time magazine while sittin' on the john. Sorry, John)so I've come
up with a way that has worked well for us. 

I copy one chapter at a time of Pumping Insulin by John Walsh. I copy the
chapters in different order and often cross out areas that are not as
"important" for him to learn or may already know. I never mention that there
will be more to come. Just focus on that one chapter with a comment like, I
thought you may find this interesting.

In addition, I often give him interesting summaries on points made here on the
list. He loves the condensed versions of info and the lack of my comments or

And surprise surprise, he knows quite a bit. Learning his way instead of mine.

Good luck,
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