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[IP] MiniMed Feedback

     Hi Renee,
     Bob Burnett responded with some good information as to all of the 
     variables as to why MiniMed does not want to package cannulas 
     separately. Alot of it makes sense except for the degradation of the 
     insulin in the tubing. Since Humalog is not approved for pump use at 
     this time, I do not understand why this should be an issue. I was 
     taught in my pump training to change out everything but my own rep 
     from MiniMed told me that this is not really necessary just suggested 
     for a safety precaution. I myself don't use more than 29 units of 5:1 
     H/V mix per day and I use the short reservoir method. Can you imagine 
     the amount of insulin that would be wasted if I changed out everything 
     every 72 hours. When I was using straight Humalog I had to change my 
     site every 48 hours as it became corrupted. We should all stand united 
     on this issue!
     Have a great day...Eugenia
     Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 09:39:06 EDT
     From: email @ redacted
     Subject: Re: [IP] RE: MiniMed FeedBak
          GREAT post!!! I've corresponded with Jack regularly & he's been 
     helpful.  Funny thing is I never paid attention to the "what to do 
     with the
     extra tubing" posts. Then yesterday, I asked Melissa to inventory her 
     and WOW!.......Talk about extra tubing!!!!
     Regards, Renee
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