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No Subject

     Hi Judy,
     I'm glad to hear that Megan is doing better. When I was 16 I was 
     operated on for a severe reflux problem. I have double collecting 
     systems (4 ureters- 2 on each side). The surgery was quite extensive 
     but that was quite a long time ago and I'm sure that improvements have 
     been made. What the urologist will probably want to do is to put Megan 
     on antibiotics indefinitely as a preventative measure against future 
     infections, tell her to go to the bathroom every hour whether she 
     needs to or not, push down on her bladder after she thinks she has 
     finishing urinating to make sure that she got all of the urine in her 
     bladder out and drink lots and lots of water. They may do a cystogram 
     if she has not had one already.
     Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998 18:44:23 EDT
     From: email @ redacted
     Subject: [IP] Megan's Test results
     Thank you again for all your support. Megan's cat scan revealed only 
     one cyst
     remaining and the radiologist said he believed it was from the 
     infection and
     nothing to worry about. The  VCUG test revealed that Megan is 
     refluxing urine
     about halfway up her left ureter towards the kidney. I have not spoken 
     the kidney specialist yet but I know that she will be on antibiotics 
     for at
     least 2 years.
     I don't know if she will need surgery to correct the reflux or maybe 
     she will
     grow out of it...............
     Even though she was so sick with horrible bs and ketones Megans A1C 
     was a cool
     7%. WOW.........I love it!!!! Can't wait to see what it will be when 
     she is
     well!!! She is feeling great and her blood sugars have been easy to 
     and between 60 and 140 mostly!!
     WE LOVE THE PUMP!! I can't say it enough!! Thanks again for all your 
     Judy C.
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