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[IP] Monitor Help?

     I use the Accucheck Advantage. The software is Camit and comes with 
     the cable hookup. I believe that the total cost for the software and 
     the cable was right around $75.00. However, I did not find this 
     software to be very user friendly. I went into the Diabetes.com 
     website one day and ended up purchasing Balance PC. It was around 
     $50.00. You can buy the cable separately for around $30.00. I am much 
     more pleased with this software. Chuckles ended up buying a different 
     software program but I don't remember what it was.
     I hope this info helps.
     Subject: [IP] Monitor Help?
     From: "bruce.mcc" <email @ redacted>
         I am looking for a new monitor and was wondering if anyone has had
     experience with the Accu-Check Advatage or Complete?   I would like to 
     what monitors everyone thinks are the best.  I would really like to be 
     to download the info into my PC so that I can print it out and graph 
     any suggestions?????
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