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Re: [IP] Any other vegan pumpers?

Linda, I am not a vegan, but I am a vegetarian.  I do not eat meat, but I do
eat/drink milk products.  I also find that this diet has helped improve the
way I feel.  I don't miss meat either.  I have had diabetes for 39 years( I am
47)and I started on a non meat diet to attempt to avoid the kidney
complications.  I do not have kidney problems, but it seems that the first
complication for that is the kidney's inability to process protein.  So I
figure, little protein, little strain on the kidneys.  This might be backward
thinking, but I have enjoyed the feeling of a veggie diet.  I am with you on
this one.  The problem to me with being a vegan is that I don't think I could
tolerate not having yogurt.  ellen
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