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Re: [IP] Monitor Help?


You'll hear a wide variety of responses on this question.

I used the Advantage for several years, still pack one with my fishing
gear. Small, convenient, fairly consistent. It does not seem as accurate
for me with highs above 220 and lows below 60, which I don't like.

I packed my "InComplete" away (for ever?). Lots of bells and whistles, but
requires a lot of button pushing to record the useful info. It sucks
batteries like crazy. If you don't use the back light on the screen
(without it, the screen is barely visible), don't use the "message of the
day" feature, don't record a lot of event information for each test (that
extra info is a strong selling point), the batteries last longer. My car
would also get better gas mileage if I didn't run the engine <vbg>.

I also had more "bad strip" errors with the Complete than with any other
previous meter, averaging almost one to two per vial of 50 strips (by
comparison, I've had less than 5 in two years with my Profiles). I've never
been too comfortable with how the AccuCheck meters reported results at the
low and high end of the scale - below 60 and above 220. Initially, I liked
the Complete meter, but as soon as the "new car smell" wore off, my opinion

I do have the software, and it's very crude, as expected for version 1.0.
*Don't buy the software* - wait for them to figure out how to do it right
!! It also runs only under Windows 3.1 or Win 95. I was involved in the
trial run for this meter, but Roche never got back to me for follow up and
software testing. My doc gave me the software, because his office didn't
want it.

The times I called Roche for simple questions on the Complete, the support
staff was not at all familiar with the meter's operation or programming. I
suffered lengthy hold times while they found a meter, ran through the
manual, then read the manual to me over the phone. Thanks, but no thanks
;-) I hope / assume they've all been better trained on this new meter by now.

I used Roche (then Boehringer Mannheim) meters for many years, and found
the support much better in the past than it has been for the last two
years. Don't know what, if anything's changed, but something's different.

By comparison, my One Touch Profile, which I've had for a couple years,
continues to be accurate and reliable. The In Touch software runs under
Windows 3.1, WIN 95 as well as Windows NT. Reports and graphs are o.k., but
won't win any prizes for "quality of presentation". I find the Profile
meter simple, accurate, durable. Batteries last *much* longer, and it does
not require a coding "chip" to calibrate the meter to the new package of
test strips. (Very convenient for me).

I've found the Lifescan support staff very capable, willing to listen and
quick to answer the phone.

My .02.

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted
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