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Re: [IP] Vile & Bare

The delectable Sara wrote:
> hmmmmm and I thought all you guys “bared in mind” were women.  I don’t feel so
> special anymore now that I know you are also “baring in mind" all those
> electronic gadgets...

Oh %$£@!$^@&£ What's doubly humiliating is that I actually stopped and
thought.... mustn't get this one wrong... which is it? I must stop
thinking when I write. Bad habit. The only evidence I can offer in my
defense is that I am away from home at present, and parted from my
beloved dictionary.... feeble, I know.

Moving on rapidly, which is it? cannula or canula? We seem to be split
50/50 at present. For the time being I've had to stop using the word.

And I'm sure I've seen it written "phial". Or is that British English or

As for haemoglobin and hypoglycaemia... I give up.

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