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Re: Batteries, was: Re: [IP] New Mini Med Rules

Hi Bob,

You should never keep batteries in the refrigerator.  When you take them
out and put them in something (pump, etc.) they get condensation
(moisture) on them from the temperature change.  You don't want moisture
in your pump!

> I never leave my batteries in the fridge. Never have, probably never will.
> I don't have difficulty with them lasting as expected. Somewhere in a
> message long ago I recall reading it was *not* advisable to store pump
> batteries in the refrigerator, but I can't remember the reason. If
> Melissa's batteries last a consistent amount of time, then things are
> probably fine. If you start to notice a lot of variability, then it's wise
> to look into things like storage environment, etc.
> Bob


	... Sue  :-)

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