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Re: [IP] Monitor Help?

On 10 Aug 98 at 20:58, bruce.mcc wrote:
>     I am looking for a new monitor and was wondering if anyone has had
> experience with the Accu-Check Advatage or Complete?   I would like to hear
> what monitors everyone thinks are the best.  I would really like to be able
> to download the info into my PC so that I can print it out and graph it.....
> any suggestions?????

The Profile by LifeScan has a cheap interface cable and several free 
programs you can find on the Web that will download and graph the 
data.  Since the cable is free or very cheap and good software is 
readily available at prices ranging from free to over $100 the 
price/performance ratio is very high.  

The Advantage has some software available, but you have to buy it 
from Roche and sometimes they don't act like they know what they are 
talking about - one person tells you one price and another one quotes 
a different price.

The Complete (also dubbed the InComplete) has the cutest user 
interface but the worst downloading performance.  They don't have the 
"user" software out yet according to the 800 number and they get 
really nasty when you try to find out about it.  Some people have had 
better luck at getting the "medical office utility" from Roche but 
the company seems to be playing a "lets gouge the customer a little" 
on the software and cable.   You're only spending about $140/month 
with them so indications are that they'll sell the software for 
around $80 dollars... 

I've also used the software for the DEX - and it's pretty decent.  
It's easy to use and provides some nice options. If they ever get 
it all together and put this one on the market it might bear 

Randall P. Winchester

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