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Re: [IP] Getting all the bubbles out


I have had this problem of "spray-back" recently, though I try not to
over-pressurize the bottle.


> From: Bob Burnett <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Getting all the bubbles out
> Date: Friday, August 07, 1998 8:19 AM
> Point of interest here, re: bubbles coming out of the insulin bottle when
> filling:
> I "assumed" the author of the original message (Sam or Richard?) was
> talking about Humalog bottles.
> I *always* noticed this with Humalog. Never happened with any other
> bottles in over 41 years of experimenting. In fact, depending on how much
> pressure I put into the bottle, the insulin would often "squirt" out of
> bottle top when I removed the needle. I had one instance where a bottle
> Humalog drained completely - it had been on its side in my insulated
> bag all day.
> Interestingly enough, Eli Lilly finally acknowledged a "problem" with the
> rubber stoppers in the Humalog bottles. I quote in part from a letter
> Eli Lilly to another user, forwarded to me in April 1998:
> "In discussions with Technical Services, it was determined that the
> for Humalog are manufactured from a material that is less resilient than
> material used for some other insulin stoppers.  As a result, these
> are
> more difficult to puncture and may also leak or "spray back" on
> occasion.  When the needle is withdrawn, the needle cut in the stopper
> may close more slowly, emitting a fine spray.  Our Technical Services
> area is currently looking at potential options to address these issues.
> Meanwhile, these conditions may be reduced by letting the vial warm to
> room temperature just prior to use.  This will improve the stopper
> resiliency.  In addition, it is recommended to avoid over-pressurization
> of the vial.  If excessive air is introduced into the vial over multiple
> doses, the vial can become over-pressurized, which can increase the
> possibility of "spray back".
> end of forwarded message
> I have not heard if this problem has been solved yet.
> Bob - who's feeling vindicated, since I first brought this to Lilly's
> attention in September 1996, only to be "blown off " ;-)
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