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[IP] Re: Infusion sets,

> Disetronic makes a metal needle set called the Rapid, which inserts at a
> degree angle to the skin surface (like the MiniMed SofSet), and is
> available in different lengths to suit your body style. Current lengths
> 8 mm and 10 mm. They should soon release a 6 mm length. These are *not*
> quick release type sets.

My pump educator informed me that the new 6mm Rapids WILL be quick
release!!!  The time delay in getting them approved is because some wording
in a pamphlet was wrong and the FDA couldn't approve it until the wording
was fixed.  Anyway, they should be out within a few months.  Jessica is
anxiously awaiting them :)

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, age 6, Type 1 for 5 1/2 yrs.  Pumping Humalog
email @ redacted

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