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Re: [IP] New Mini Med Rules

Thanks, Ellen.  I have had such good feedback here.  Bob suggested that it
may be due to all the bells and whistles that I use. - I do frequently
check out the screens and such.  Where do you live?  I am in Huntsville. 

From: email @ redacted
To: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] New Mini Med Rules
Date: Monday, August 10, 1998 2:58 PM

Bonnie, I don't believe it is the heat.  I live in Alabama too.  Your
however prompted me to look at my records from the last couple of years. 
1997, I changed the electronic battery on my disetronic pump every month
the end (sept.) when it was 6 weeks or 8 weeks.  BTW, I rarely have to
the motor battery--every 6 months+.  In 1998, I changed the electronic
Feb. 25, May 1, and not again since then.  This last change has been more
3 months now.  I can't tell you why, but my experience has NOT been heat
related.  ellen
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/