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[IP] duct tape and limo picture

Renee wrote (RE: teh use of duct tape...)
> I am afraid that you got caught up in a thread where we were all joking
> with each other.  [snip]  Personally, I don't recommend either of them 
> for taking care of your pump needs.

oh darn, and I just put in an order with Home Medical!!  To tell ya the truth
I really have used duct tape  - as John can tell ya, us in the theatre are a
rather creative sort and we are used to crisis aversion...you would be
surprised what a couple of safety pins, some duct tape and red lipstick can

back in the olden days, I used to make a loop of tubing and tape it to my body
to prevent the bent needle from pulling out when I got all hot and sweaty.  I
changed my sites more often than I do now, not cuz it was bad, but because
that polyskin just wouldn't stick to me!   Now I use the tender and hardly
ever lose them due to sweat.  I would never go to the beach back then and take
off my shirt - it was noticeable with that big white criss cross of tape of my
stomach!  sheesh!  now with just the little 1 1/2" oval...no prob to "Bare" it

and wayne...I don't use duct tape to hold on the velvet - it pulls all the
soft little fibers out!  then what are ya gonna do???

and michael...if you are gonna add anyone to my photo, I get final approval of
who is sitting next to me...and he has to carry his own insulin pump...I only
have room for one in that dress!!!

*-)=B xoxx

and, maybe it will hold that little red stopper in the “vile” of insulin
better than the Scotch tape I am now using...of course, THAT whole problem
could be averted by me just ceasing my lazy
ways and going to fill the prescription for the darn novopen

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