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[IP] Vile & Bare

> John wrote in response to Little Beeps:
> Thanks Beth. I'll bare that in mind. 

hmmmmm and I thought all you guys “bared in mind” were women.  I don’t feel so
special anymore now that I know you are also “baring in mind" all those
electronic gadgets...

>Michael wrote:
>'vile' is something you are... well maybe YOU aren't, but some people 
>are.... heh.... heh... the word you want is 'vial' or 'vials'

I KNOW that Michael, silly boy - it was intended that way...if you notice a
little further on in that post, I use the proper spelling of the
word...though, I still belive I had the spelling right the first time!!!

Sara (who just adores “vial” humor)
*-)=B xoxx
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