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Batteries, was: Re: [IP] New Mini Med Rules


Others may suggest a plot, but not me ;-) However, it wouldn't surprise me
if the little pink battery bunny is in cahoots with Santa Claus (who
creates all the toys and gadgets which require the batteries). As far as
the Easter Bunny goes, I don't know - I still believe in him / her. Is this
a fable? Has someone heard different?

I never leave my batteries in the fridge. Never have, probably never will.
I don't have difficulty with them lasting as expected. Somewhere in a
message long ago I recall reading it was *not* advisable to store pump
batteries in the refrigerator, but I can't remember the reason. If
Melissa's batteries last a consistent amount of time, then things are
probably fine. If you start to notice a lot of variability, then it's wise
to look into things like storage environment, etc.


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>    That cute little pink bunny is plotting against all battery users?  Next
>you'll be telling us there's no easter Bunny or Santa Claus!
>     Anyway...Melissa's batteries seem to last a consistent 7 wks. Question
>for all the "techies"- should we be storing the spare batteries in the
>refrigerator? I remember hearing that suggestion when our girls were little &
>their toys "ate" batteries by the pound!
>Regards, Renee

Bob Burnett

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