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Re: [IP] Response to Support


I have been following the discussions on your educating your husband and
allowing Ryan more freedom and your surgery.  Although this may be a little
late, I certainly hope everything continues to go well.  I smiled when I
read your comment - 

> My fear is,  if he is low and does not know, or an emergency comes up
with the pump. 

My mother just recently told me she did not sleep one night through during
the six years I was in university - for fear of my health.  

I don't think your worries will ever go away but it sure must be nice to
see both your husband and son learning.  Increased interest in something
often comes after success at attempting to do it.  Maybe because you always
did such a great job with Ryan your husband was nervous to even try. 
Constant support and encouragement will help your husband to learn quickly
and accurately, help you to be a good teacher and help Ryan (by helping his
Dad to learn ) gain independance.  

After all, isn't the ability for your child to be independant one of the
main things a parent must teach their children???

Good luck


P.S.  After thirty years with diabetes my mother still makes many comments
and suggestions about what I am doing, how I might be feeling, what I
should or shouldn't eat.

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