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[IP] RE: MiniMed FeedBak

     Hi Jack,
     I do purchase the Silhouettes with 10 cannulas and 5 sets of tubings. 
     If you go into the site Insulin Pumper's Digest you will see that 
     pumper's are constantly complaining about leftover tubing. Are you 
     suggesting that it is less expensive to throw the tubing away rather 
     than box cannulas separately? In the Digest pumper's are coming up 
     with all kinds of ways to use their leftover tubing e.g. connecting 
     the tubing across country in mass.
     I understand MiniMed's reluctance but I still think it should be 
     Eugenia R. Gracer

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Subject: Re: MiniMed FeedBak
Author:  ,Jack Joy [SMTP:email @ redacted] at INTERNET
Date:    08/07/98 03:33 PM

You can purchase, from MiniMed, the Silhouettes in boxes with 10 cannulas 
and 5 tubings, for a small discount.  In reality, there is not much savings,

as the tubings are not nearly as expensive to make as the cannula. MiniMed 
has found it really is less expensive to include the tubing with all 
cannulas, as doing anything else would require different packaging and 
inventory and FDA submittals, etc.
Thanks for stopping by,
Jack Joy
MiniMed Webmaster
>Why is it that MiniMed does not have just the cannulas. It is my 
understanding that a company called Chronimed does carry such a product. You

are really missing the boat on this one.
>Eugenia R. Gracer
>email @ redacted
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