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Re: [IP] New Mini Med Rules


Battery life will vary from user to user. Although 4 weeks does sound a bit
early for battery exhaustion, six weeks is not too much different from the
8 weeks (average) I used to experience with my MM 506. Given that we
probably use(d) our pumps differently from each other, I wouldn't be too
concerned about the six weeks, but I would question the 4 week figure you

The newer pumps with lit screens and other bells and whistles will use
batteries quicker if you use these features a lot (this is also true for
glucose meters which have lit screens, and scrolling messages, BTW). Other
things which will affect battery life include:

1)  Amount of priming you do when changing sets (more motor use results in
shorter battery life); people forget that longer length infusion sets
require a bit more insulin for priming;
2)  Total amount of insulin used per day (same reason as #1);
3)  Anything which uses the alarm needs something "extra" from the battery.
This is one reason I don't suspend my Disetronic while I shower. I don't
need the pump hollering at me - I know I'm disconnected. This saves
slightly on batteries.
4)  As others have stated, the freshness of the batteries is a factor;
5)  Frequency of recalling info from the pump's memory. If you are
constantly reviewing basal and bolus history, checking your basal rates,
etc., this will require a bit more battery usage;
6)  There are some who will claim that this is some bizarre "plot"
propagated by the Eveready Energizer Bunny, in conspiracy with the pump
companies, to drain all remaining dollars from our pockets <vbg>. I'm not a
conspiracy theorist, though and feel that it is simply a matter of YMMV. 

At this point in the summer, I blame anything and everything on the heat
<vbg>, so perhaps this contributes to the decline in your battery life also.


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>So what am I doing differently to have all mine last month to six weeks. 
>Mine come from Minimed also?  Is it the heat? I live in Alabama, or the
>use?  What is your theory? 
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