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[IP] humalog vs.velosulin

    Hi, Gang!!!
     Can any kind soul help me out? I have low basal rates, 0.3 is the
highest it goes, and with using VelosulinBR the tubing still plugs up
on me!!
If I switch to Humalog, isn't it true that that could plug up the
tubing MORE OFTEN than the Velosulin???
I'm getting tired of waiting 30 to 45min to eat meals,or taking large
amounts of Velosulin to get the sugars down, and then all day long be
watching for lows. My CDE just started using Humalog in her pump, but
has not heard of mixing it with Velosulin.Can you Email me privately
and share some knowledge, or tell me where to look? Should I try 5 to
1 ratio, or 3 to 1? Any ideas? Would the *5* or *3*, be units of
Humalog, or Velosulin?? Do you mix in the syringe, (resevoir), or in
an empty vial??
   Any and all responses would be appreciated! Thanks tremendously!!!
   Barb G

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