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Re: [IP] Need your support, Husband taking over care of Ryan


I have absolutely no experience of caring for an 11 year old with
diabetes. But I have plenty of experience of being an 11 year old with
diabetes. Admittedly things were less precise in those days, but I loved
all the equipment and gadgets (I still do!). It was made clear to me
that the day to day care of my diabetes was my responsibility: help and
advice was at hand if I needed it, but otherwise I was in charge.

Is this not a good moment to say to Ryan: You've watched me do
everything up to now, but now I'm handing a bit of responsibility over
to you. Show me how well you can do it.

Does this 11 year old really not know how to refill an empty cartridge
himself? Or have you just never let him do it? Release him. I expect
he'll fly quite nicely...

I expect your husband will learn what he needs to very quickly. Men are
good at figuring out what others can do, and leaving them to do it. If
you're giving him lists of instructions of what to do in certain
situations, get him to write down the instructions himself in his own

Good luck to you all!

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