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Re: [IP] little beeps

> Or if it's that big of an issue just bolus before class and 
> deactivate the pump completely.  Lots of options and you have to 
> decide which one is best for you...


I've tried this one. Deactivating the pump is surprisingly hard! What do
you do?
Put it in Suspend Mode? - it beeps every 10 minutes.
Put it on a temp basal of zero? It beeps every 30 minutes.
Take the batteries out? You lose all the basal rates and history.
Disconnect the pump? This requires you to have somewhere secure to leave
a rather expensive piece of equipment.
Reprogram your current basal to zero? That's the best option I can find,
but suddenly it's all rather fiddly, remembering afterwards what to set
it back to etc

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